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Sports Facilities

The sports facilities have been designed to give the children an option to pursue their chosen sport all years round so that they can excel in it. The badminton facilities include an Olympic size 400 meter track, Hockey and football field, a gym, a yoga hall and fully lit synthetic courts of tennis, basketball and volleyball. Other games that students may opt for include cricket, football, table tennis, tennis, skating karate and a wide range of indoor games.

Shooting Range

We have an Olympic size 10 meter shooting range of Olympic standard and the best revolvers and rifles of International standard. The shoot range is a big hit as Pathankot being the second largest cantonment in the world manning 65000 soldiers is a great inspiration for students to take up careers in the armed forces.

Swimming Pool

The school has a Olympic standard 25 meter swimming pool which encourages students to take up swimming as a sport and our students represented ‘Punjab’ in the National swimming competitions.

I.H.S Sports

Physical fitness, achieved through team sports and fitness classes are a part of the total educational experience at Indian heritage school. As one of the nation’s top ICSE schools, Indian heritage school offers a strong academic, sport and activities curriculum, effectively delivered on a beautiful campus with well- equipped and modern facilities.

Interscholastic sports and fitness,

woven into the daily curriculum, is aimed at providing balance to the body and mind of the students. Whether it is simply an escape from the academic curriculum or helping a child cope with stress or helping an obese child lose weight or an opportunity to develop a technical skill, physical fitness is essential for every child. It helps develop discipline and focus and nothing teaches teamwork and leadership skills better than a sport. In developing a sense of sportsmanship a child is better equipped to deal with success and failure. It is one of the most vital building blocks of an all-round education. IHS Children involved in the sports programme experience some of the most challenging and rewarding moments of their lives.

Specialized coaching

is given morning and after school hours and the Boarders enjoy being coached in a sport of their choice for an hour every morning and evening.

The Physical Education Department

consists of a team of dedicated teachers who specialists in their filed and are responsible for the implementation of the day-to-day sports programme. Intra and inter- house competitions help spot and nurture talent.

Expert coaches

are recruited to initiate beginners and to encourage enthusiasts, as well as to train students to take part in various competitions. Indian heritage school students have won many laurels in ICSE Zonal, Regional and national Championships, levels.













Fitness gym


Indian Heritage School has 12 playgrounds; all of them are of standard level, such as indoor badminton court, table tennis, volleyball, cricket ground. Football, 200 miter standard grass track, half Olympic size swimming pool, baby pool, and basketball. Court, shooting range, fitness gym.

The Indian Heritage Summer Sports Fair Camp

Summer camp is a great opportunity to explore new things or dive deep into areas you love”

Summer camp is filled with breaking rules and standing apart ignoring your head and following your heart.

The summer camp in Indian heritage school bungal pathankot started from 20 June and culminated on 15 th July 2023.

Our summer camp included various activities like Shooting, Swimming, Badminton, Football, Cricket, Skating, Boxing, Basketball, Yoga and Aerobics. Fun filled activities for the anxious children during the summer -holidays gave them an opportunity to learn new skills – excel in sports.

The camp aimed at keeping the students engaged and provided them an even platform to explore and express their skills in any form as per their interest. They not only made memories while having fun  but they were able to overcome their fears ,try new thing ,pushed their boundaries and realized self sufficiency .They were able to make new friends amidst lot of fun and learnt team spirit and be more confident.
“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. “
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