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Narmada House

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. Bobby Unser. The basic belief of our school is to nurture talents and help us grow. The skills in a student are hidden and with a bit of help can be uncovered and perfected. The teachers of our school and our peers help to create the environment for growth.

The namesake of our house is based on the Indian river ‘Narmada’ which runs across the hills of the western part of our nation and joins the Arabian Sea. Canals drawn from this river help in irrigation, transport and various other activities. It gives opportunities to sustain life.

‘To strive towards excellence with humility in heart’ is the expression of Narmada house. Being humble is one of the most powerful and characteristic qualities of any human being. Many forget to be down to earth when achieving their goals but in our house the students learn to be opportunists all the while not forgoing their courteous beliefs.

The responsibilities of our house are not only undertaken by our respective mistress or representative but it is a collective effort of all the students of our house where we learn the work harmoniously and efficiently. Each student is acknowledged for his/her own skill and plays an irreplaceable part in the growth of our house.

The prior years efforts have been rewarded by small satisfactory results which are worth the effort we put in. Last year our house garnered/received various awards including the prestigious ’House house.’, which we are grateful to have received. It encouraged us to try our best again this year and still pushes us towards betterment. We learnt that it isn’t just about winning but about participation, as we win and lose in competitions throughout the year. But more than anything, we have learnt here, is to be respectful of people and their boundaries and to have empathy while on the road to success.
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