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commerce club
Field trips are a wonderful way for children to connect what they are learning in class, to the outside world. The banking sector is an integral part of an economic system. In order to enable students understand how banks function,The Indian Heritage School, Pathankot organised an Informative educational field trip to ICICI Bank for the students of Grade XI and XII today. The diligent staff of ICICI Bank gave detailed information about how to open an account, details required by the bank to open an account and how to fill an Account Opening Form. Students were informed about the locker facilities, loans, various types of accounts and instruments like Cheque, Demand Draft, Debit card, Credit card etc. They guided students about how to write a cheque to make payments and withdraw money using the withdrawal slip. Students were taken through various counters and the locker room. We hope that this learning experience of visiting the bank will go a long way in helping them.
The Indian Heritage School, firmly believes in producing well rounded personalities. Numerous skills and talents have been unearthed amongst our students and to allow these talents to flourish, commerce club, have been started for likeminded individuals to meet and polish their skills.

With the increase in competition and demand of corporate world environment is not just sufficient for a student of commerce to be sound theoretically but must also be exposed to the outer world in a dynamic way to face practical situation. Hence, the commerce department not only concentrates on the academic excellence of its students but also nurtures their co-curricular activities to stand with the vision of exploring new horizons together with collective wisdom.

It gives students a chance to question how or why things work and work toward solutions. A Commerce Club can give students a safe environment to learn and interact with others with similar interests We do not need to be teachers or economists, managers to start a Commerce club; just bring our enthusiasm to inspire young minds.

Our club can also prepare students for commerce fairs/ projects, tests, and material they will learn in the future


The objective of the Commerce Club is to expose students to the practical challenges in a business scenario. The club aims at building the self-confidence and increasing financial literacy among students. Main objectives are-

1. To expose students to meet the practical challenges in the current business scenario. (Market, job opportunities, economy, development, business)

2. To let the students interact with business experts of industry. (Helps to develop business attitudes)

3. To encourage students to become various schools event managers. (Annual day, food festival, fresher’s day, fees collections)

4. To build self-confidence and proactive approach. (Personality development, speech, writing, arts, sports skills)

5. To increase financial literacy among students. (Management of time, money activities like bank formation etc. )

6. To develop the knowledge of e-commerce for earning money through internet. (New way of earning money, computer literacy etc.)

7. To generate and discuss new business ideas and business plan. (Set an event to present students business ideas, helps for business ideas and its application)

8. To make students prospective entrepreneurs who is not a job seeker but a job creator. (Self-employment)

Activities of the Club

1. Manage and plan school events such as Arts day, Sports day, PTA meeting, and other programs.

2. Business Quiz

3. Group Discussion and interview models.

4. Guest Lectures(business and economics experts, shares etc)

5. Industrial Visit

6. Bank Visit

7. New marketing techniques, sales.
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