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Welcome to the vivid world of our school’s Art Club. Come let’s dive into the world of colours and creativity !

*About Us*
Our school’s Art Club is a community of keen and passionate artists who have embarked on the journey of upgrading their art skills and bringing out their best.

Our mission is to bring out the creative side of the students and create an environment where students can express themselves through art. We aim to encourage students to think out of the box and channel their creativity in the right direction.

Our club offers a diverse range of activities. We help children find their interest and teach them different types of drawings, paintings, quilling and even basic pencil calligraphy.

Everyone who is keen to learn and wants to explore their creative side is welcome to our art club. We aim to create a fun space for everyone joining our club.

Our club hosts a variety of events throughout the year. To name a few, we host theme based competitions, rangoli making and poster making and are completely dedicated to help children explore their creative side.

*Join Us*
Everyone who’s willing to learn art and make a lot of colourful memories is welcome to become a part of our ever so vivid Art Club. Join us, connect with other keen artists and enhance your skills.
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