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Central Dining Hall

Break, lunch and dinner is an important time for students to refuel, refresh and relax. We cater to a balanced and wholesome diet to meet all the daily requirements which a child need for an overall development of a sound body and mind.
1. The School lays a lot of emphasis on hygienic and nutritious food necessary for a growing child. For this the school has taken the services of a dietician who not only supervises the food but also lays the menu.
2. The school provides vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
3. Mutton/chicken/egg curry is provided four times a week. For vegetarians it is paneer / mushrooms which is served four times a week.
4. Every meal is accompanied by a fruit or a dessert.
5. Dal, rice, chapattis, vegetables, salads and curd are a regular feature.
6. Breakfast generally consists of porridge, cereals, eggs, cutlets, bread, butter, jam and milk.
7. Mid morning meals consists of flavored milk in summers and hot soups in winters along with a snack.
8. Evening refreshments consists of a snack accompanied by milk in winters and lemon water in summers.
9.Cocoa milk is served after the last meal of the day.
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