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School Counsellor

The basic role of a school counsellor is to support students in their psychological, academic, and social-emotional development.
The counsellor addresses issues that may affect students’ academic performance, which includes psychosocial and behavioural challenges. The school counsellor consults and collaborate with teachers, staff, administrators, and parents/guardians. Through collaboration they can help other adults and find solutions to meet students’ needs. At The Indian Heritage School we provide special counselling (Group and Individual) for our boarding students with multiple/different issues. Also, any day-boarding student can seek counselling during the school hours. The underlying goal is to ensure that students have the support they need academically, socially, and emotionally to thrive at school. We encourage collaboration between school counsellor and parents. Guardians should reach out to their child’s counsellor when there are challenges and be aware of resources related to social, emotional, career and academic support.
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