Extra Curricular Activities

extraAlthough the primary focus is on academics, the School offers a rich and diversified extra-curricular programme beyond the classroom. TAhese activities echo and therefore extend students’ existing interests and talents or stimulate new ones. While having the important benefit of counterbalancing the rigour and discipline of the academic curriculum, they help enrich the students experience in ways that have a lifelong influence upon them.

The scope of the School extra - curricular, with a unique blend of art, music, athletics, club and hobby activities, is broad enough to satisfy almost any interest. Art programs endeavour to provide opportunity for personal growth through cultural appreciation and through achievement in performance. Participants in the clubs develop a sense of commitment and responsibility, in addition to new skills and interests. Our closely allied community service programme promotes an awareness of our responsibility toward others.

All students are expected to participate in some aspect of the School extra-curricular programme. Tuesday Thursday and Saturday afternoons after class are reserved for club, society and hobby activities. Monday Wednesday and Friday afternoons are reserved for Games. Hobby and club programme includes music, fine art, band, dancing, debate, drama and audio visual.

Society programme includes debating, dramatics, astronomy, science, and ecology and community service. Creative activities are designed to explore the rich and traditional Indian culture and its heritage. The programme includes sculpture making, clay modelling, batik, etc. The Music School offers tabla, harmonium, guitar, piano, drums, etc.

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