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Both I and my wife feel humbled and honoured to be back at IHS, the school which we considered as our very own. Not many will get an opportunity to be recalled to serve an organization which they had set.

The core academic philosophy of a dynamic and rigorous academic programme which aims at engaging students minds in all discipline, leading to excellence remains unchanged. To this we also would now like to add participation, accountability, personal attention and team work, attributes which for some reason have not been given due attention.

It will be our endeavour to initiate a programme which would lead to enquiry, debate, extensive writing and research – all important processes that stimulate the acquisition of knowledge.

We and the school firmly believe that no society can claim greatness and survive long if its foundation is not built upon a strong ethical base. The school therefore lays strong emphasis on the moral, aesthetic and physical growth of each individual.

Education alone can play an important role in shaping human values, a humanistic approach and democratic and liberal ideas. Hence the school does not ignore, rather values, lessons emphasizing service to other social responsibility and environmental awareness.

The school has an obligation to produce tomorrow’s leaders who are upright and clean, compassionate and generous and possess necessary skills and vision to lead the country into the twenty-first century.

Our programme is therefore designed to enable the students to understand their role in the society while respecting the dignity of all.

These are not impractical ideas but achievable objectives which can be accomplished by a group of dedicated staff small, classes and working together to prepare your child meet the fast changing challenges of a challenging society.

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