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Welcome to Indian Heritage School, where each day unfolds with the vibrancy of our special education approach and the promise of a bright tomorrow.

School Counselor

Personalized well-being support. Confidential guidance available.

Medical Facilities

On-site health services. Swift access to medical care.

Our Android App

Parent-student connectivity. Instant updates.

Sports Facilities

Marksmanship training. Strict safety protocols.

About Indian Heritage School

At Indian Heritage School, we’re more than an educational institution. We’re a community of 30 professional teachers and multiple staff members who value every aspect of our school and supports different processes to give your kids only the best education they deserve. With years of dedication, we blend the richness of traditional teaching with new methods to help students understand each and every subject with ease. So, enroll your kid in Indian Heritage School, where simplicity and uniqueness come together to shape meaningful and memorable teaching.


Our Academic Facilities

Discover the success of your kid with The best School in Pathankot, the Indian Heritage School, a place where your kid’s academic journey is not only bound to learning but also to reaching future career goals. Unlike regular classes, we focus more on introducing new teaching methods and encouraging kids’ curiosity and critical thinking. Each student gets a personal school counseling session for guidance, ensuring growth in a caring environment. Our focus is on practical learning, preparing kids for real-world success.

With a focus on a well-rounded education, our facilities include a special shooting range and medical facilities, promoting both sports and the well-being of every kid. Also, our dynamic team of qualified staff and teachers creates a positive learning environment, encouraging individual strengths and talents. Moreover, we understand how important it is for you to know your kid’s performance, attendance, and updates regarding events and parent-teacher meetings. Subsequently, we have a user-friendly Android app to solve all those queries.

Recent Events

Christmas Celebrations at The Indian Heritage School: A Cozy Gathering for Students and Staff.

Fee Structure

We believe in transparency and simplicity when it comes to our fee structure. This is why our admission starts at just RS 35,900, which makes quality education more accessible. To further ease the financial process, we offer a quarterly installment plan, ensuring flexibility for parents. It’s our commitment to make quality education enriching and convenient for every Kid at Indian Heritage School.

ClassFee Starting From
1st – 5th53,400
6th – 8th63,400
9th – 10th65,900
Science (11th-12th)69,131

Admission Open For 2024-25

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