curriculamA dynamic and rigorous yet liberal academic programme which aims at engaging students minds in all disciplines leading to excellence is the cornerstone of the School academic philosophy. Here the children are exposed not only to Shakespeare but also to Paulo (The Alchemist) and J. K Rowling (Harry Potter). Teachings of J. Krishnamurty, Dr. Rajinder Prasad, Nehru and Gandhi form an integral part of the curriculum. The School has successfully synchronized the goodness of the West with that of East (India).It is also our endeavour to initiate a programme which leads to enquiry, debate and research – all important processes that stimulate the acquisition of knowledge.
The Indian Heritage School has an obligation to produce tomorrow’s leaders who are upright and clean, compassionate and generous and possess necessary skill and vision to lead the country into the twenty first century.
Our programme is therefore designed to enable the students to understand their role in the society while respecting the dignity of all.

Eventually the School will also have to prepare children for university education. The School recognizes that most of its students will pursue post secondary education. Senior students will be encouraged to make realistic and appropriate choices when considering university education and to gear their academic plan accordingly.

The School is affiliated to the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi. English is the medium of instruction. High priority is given to low student teacher ratio; the maximum strength being 23/24. The stimulating curriculum within the framework of CISCE is focussed on the learner and proactive teaching methods are pursued.

The School offers English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History and Civics, Computers, Punjabi, Sanskrit and Environmental Studies in Class 10.

Dalhousie Road, Bungal,

Pathankot, Punjab - 145001

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