The Teaching Philosophy

It is important to teach a child, but it is even more important to make the child want to learn. This is what our school’s emphasis is.

Great ideas belong to everybody and every generation stands on the frontiers of new ideas.  We prepare students to not only grasp such new ideas, but give shape to them.

Also, the school prepares its students to face new challenges   and encourages the individuality and originality of every child. Children are not only a load of talent but also complex beings with physical, psychological and spiritual   urges which look for satisfaction. Understanding each element and structuring its fulfilment is our primary aim. We provide the education which satisfies the intellectual, social, spiritual and cultural potentials of the child. These potentials, when fully developed can be aesthetically rewarding and economically marketable leading to a moral citizen.

Children are groomed to think critically, experiment and create. In short we equip our students for future. The management has the determination and the vision   to have all such facilities including best of the faculty which are absolutely essential for a modern school and to groom the children to achieve their potential. We have the burning desire that has enabled us to achieve what no other institution in the area has. For this, we seek inspiration from international models without losing focus on the Indian perspective.

Our mission is to blend the strong foundation of our society with advanced learning tools.

It is also our mission to ensure a safe, tranquil, stimulating and intellectually challenging environment.

Dalhousie Road, Bungal,

Pathankot, Punjab - 145001

Phone no.: 6239154500, 9646426564, 9501500034.



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